How to successfully prepare students for scholarship exams

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With primary and secondary scholarship testing set to take place across February and March, most students will already be deep in the throes of preparation for their 2021 scholarship exams.

It can be a stressful time of year, with the wealth of resources offering advice on different study techniques and practice material adding to the general sense of overwhelm.

At Dr Study, our aim is to prepare students for scholarship exams as effectively and efficiently as possible, with all coursework streamlined and tailored to the individual’s needs.

We’re proud of our Scholarship Pro program and its high success rate, which speaks to the value of our approach.

Ensure students are scholarship ready

Our first step is to assess whether students are at a stage in their foundational learning where they are adequately prepared to sit a scholarship exam.

We only register students for Scholarship Pro when they are fully equipped to meet the challenges of the exam.

Otherwise, the Dr Study team will recommend the fundamental programs required to ensure that students are exam ready.

Set a strategic approach

Once scholarship exam preparation can begin in earnest, our tutors focus on a minimum of four subject areas with students.

We target specific schools and scholarship exam formats, working closely with students to ensure they understand and can meet the unique demands of the exams they will be sitting.

We encourage students to sit at least two scholarship exams, which not only allows more practice for future exams but also maximises the potential for multiple scholarship offers.

In this situation, we would support each student and their family in selecting the best scholarship option for them.

Focus on active learning

Active learning is a key approach our tutors use in all our courses, and which particularly governs our Scholarship Pro program.

Most tutoring centres and colleges prepare students for scholarship exams by conducting lengthy sessions where students are forced to passively absorb a great deal of information.

At Dr Study, our classes are shorter but much more effective, because our teaching practices and materials promote active learning. This enables students to take charge of their studies and grasp concepts and theories in a demonstrable way.

Nurture the right mindset

When preparing for scholarship exams, one of the key considerations that is rarely recognised by students and their parents is the importance of creating a positive emotional experience.

As many students know, the pressure to perform well in exams can be anxiety inducing, which can have a hugely detrimental effect on mental health and wellbeing. It’s crucial to emotionally prepare students to take their scholarship exams, which is an aspect of the process that Dr Study prioritises.

Our tutors work to create positive associations with learning through the Scholarship Pro program, helping students to foster a mindset that will set them up for success as they head into their exams.

Need support preparing for scholarship exams?

Our team has helped countless students to pass their scholarship exams with flying colours, and we’d love to help you or your children do the same.

For students who are considering sitting scholarship exams in 2022, now is the perfect time to register for Scholarship Pro. We recommend spending 12 months in the program for optimal results.

Send us a message via our website or call our office on (03) 9590 6000 to discover if the Scholarship Pro program might be right for you, or whether any of our other programs might be beneficial.

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