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IELTS & MedHeadstart TAFE/University Preparation

We know that starting university can be daunting, but our academic staff are here to help you avoid the common pitfalls and succeed in your studies.

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Falling behind?

Struggling in specific areas? Work through your child's challenges with the right support.

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Extra motivation?

Support to keep your child on track and re-engage their mind.

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Ready to extend?

Challenge your child to reach their full potential.

Have a specific need to be addressed?

Are you feeling like the classroom is not meeting all of your child's needs or he/she wants to prepare for a specific assessment?

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Private tutoring for tertiary students and beyond

Expert Tutors

7000+ students tutored nationally since 2015.

Building on classwork

Over 110,000 hours of tutoring delivered.

Online and face-to-face

More than 1000+ qualified tutors to choose from.

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What subjects can high school tutors in Melbourne teach?

With Tutor Me's network of over 1,000 experienced tutors teaching online and in-person across Australia, you’re sure to find your perfect high school tutor in Melbourne.

At Tutor Me we care about so much more than just marks

  • We match you to our best tutors based on the needs of your unique kids

  • Learn at your own pace in any environment that's right for you

  • With a schedule that runs from Monday to Saturday, it's easy and convenient for parents like you.

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Melbourne born and raised: local tutors from your neighbourhood

We come straight to you and meet in your home at a time that works for you. If your home isn’t ideal, there are plenty of other places we can work; a library, school or even online. We offer flexible session times in the morning, afternoon and even weekends.

  • 42,000+ Students Tutored Over the Last 15 Years

  • 93% Of Tutor Me Parents Agree Their Child's Grades Have Improved

  • 97% Of Tutor Me Parents Agree Their Child's Is More Confident

Award-winning University lecturers tutoring from Pre-Prep, to 12th Grade & further!

Students receive tutoring from our University lecturers, giving them a head start in preparation to Uni life and a foot in the door! Increase your child’s confidence, abilities and help them get ahead. 

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Tutoring at any age and stage can help students do better in school. ECL-Kindergarten, Primary & High School coaching for parents with children aged 0 to 17 years. We help you through the entire process of schooling from kindergarten up until post secondary education opportunities are available on your child's timeline

Tutor Me is the leading provider of world-class learning facilities. We offer a space for students to enjoy their programs, whether it's in one of our many hubs or just lounging around with books by your side! Our labs are fully equipped and stocked up on all sorts things that will help you get better grades: laptops, libraries full of resources including textbooks...anything else we can think about!

PREP - 6
English, Maths & Science

7 - 10
English, Maths & Science

11 - 12
English, Maths & Science

The future is bright At Tutor Me, we offer a wide range of courses that are perfect for all learners. From Pre-Tertiary up through Essential English IELTS & Med Headstart programs - you're sure to find what your looking!

The pre-tertiary program has been designed to help students succeed in their studies. This is done by providing the necessary guidance and support, so they don't have any problems with university life come time for enrollment!

The perfect course for your child, designed and curated by experts. That's why we offer comprehensive support with the curriculum to ensure success in all things academic!

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Pre-Tertiary & Tertiary Programs

The transition to university life can be a daunting one, but with the help of our pre-tertiary program you will find that your studies are in good hands. We provide course building support and content coverage along with assignment assistance online so it's easy for students like yourself!

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Essential English & IELTS

The best way to learn English is by learning it yourself. With our individualised programs for all ages, we can give you the skills necessary and help your children succeed too! Offering IELTS preparation as well as General, Academic and Business Courses in a friendly environment that fosters creativity without judgement from others who speak different languages than they do themselves which will make them feel more at ease while preparing their exams or doing presentations on behalf of school/company gatherings

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Med Headstart Program

Tutor Me offers comprehensive programs for medical professionals seeking to secure their place at graduate or undergraduate institutions. We offer tutoring services which include GAMSAT (Graduate Medical Schools Admission Test) prep, UCAT (University Clinical Aptitude Test) preparation as well as AMC MCQ & Clinical Testing study materials so you can be fully prepared before taking these extremely challenging tests!

The Tutor Me Tutoring Process

Through the Tutor Me process, we are able to get know your child better so that you can help them reach their goals.


After a complimentary consultation, we set out with the goal of creating an individualized tutoring program that is tailored for every student's success.


The best way to find a tutor is with our advanced matching system. We use your child's grades, test scores and any other information you send us in order to match them up with qualified tutors who will optimally suit their personality as well as academic needs!


We know that every student has different needs and we take the time to work with them so they can reach their full potential. Our personalized coaching means creating a curriculum tailored just for you, which includes one on one sessions as well homework help when necessary!


You can feel free to contact us at any time if you need anything. We'll be there for your family and provide regular session reports so they know how their child is progressing in school.

It has been agreed that tutoring is beneficial for students who need help in catching up, developing confidence or excelling at school.


Of Tutor Me Parents Agree Their Child's Grades Have Improved


Of Tutor Me Parents Agree Their Child Is More Confident
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