A guide to our Maths Plus program

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Along with our English Plus program, Maths Plus is one of our most popular tutoring services. At Dr Study, our tutors teach a comprehensive program that fills in all learning gaps and supports students in every aspect of their mathematical studies.

Like our other programs, Maths Plus is adaptable to individual students and their unique needs and abilities, enabling each student to experience the full benefit of our teachings.

About Maths Plus

Our Maths Plus program teaches students everything they need to master the mathematical field. Our learning materials are highly engaging and designed to expose students to a wide range of formats, encouraging them to practice their mathematical skill acquisition in a number of different ways.

Our primary focus is on developing and fostering a fully formed understanding of mathematical theories and concepts instead of relying on memory. The latter is a tactic that students often use for Maths tests and exercises in the classroom, which is not sustainable or conducive to true, effective learning.

We encourage an improvement mindset where students are not only constantly learning, but also comprehending the real-world applications for what they are studying in school.

What the program covers

Our tutors support students with their mathematical studies at every age and level, from primary through to secondary and tertiary. Key components of the program include arithmetic, geometry, algebra, quadratics, statistics, and more.

Maths Plus students work their way through a series of pre-set modules, comprising of worksheets, tests, quizzes, tutorials, mini lectures, online simulations, and more. While our tutors are always on hand to provide guidance where needed, they also encourage self-directed learning to build students’ understanding, confidence, and problem-solving abilities.

The program structure for Maths Plus is pre-set, however we do adjust content based on our students’ unique needs and aims. We create tailored goals and progress plans for every student to ensure they are set up for success.

How the program works

Our approach is to present key mathematical concepts in a simplistic way, while actually teaching students very technical skills.

Our weekly tutoring sessions run for a minimum of 60 minutes, and we provide bonus homework which promotes progress, organisation, and self-directed study. Our tutors use mixed method teaching approaches to keep students actively engaged and productive, and our 1:4 teacher-to-student ratio in classes ensures every child receives the attention and support they require.

While we have developed our Maths Plus program in line with the Australian school curriculum, our students are assessed at international standards, enabling them to truly excel and thrive in their studies.

Effective Maths tutoring services

We have supported countless students in their mathematical studies with our Maths Plus program. If you think Maths Plus might be the right choice for your children, you can find out more by sending us a message on our website or calling our office on (03) 9590 6000.

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