Mulgrave campus reopens November 2

dr progress classroom 1

Dear students and parents,

I understand that the past few months have been a challenging time managing at-home work and study. I would like to thank you again for your patience and commitment, as we progressed our learning through our second lockdown.

The DR. PROGRESS Mulgrave Campus will be re-opening on Monday, November 2, and we will be operating under strict capacity restrictions and health procedures.

To ensure a safe working and learning environment for all staff and students, I ask for your cooperation on the following matters:

  1. To ensure we do not breach capacity restrictions, and maximise student numbers in the centre, no parents
    are to enter the campus: 

    • Parents can escort their child/children to the front door and then immediately return to their car
    • Please wait in your car when picking your child/children up, a teacher will escort them to your vehicle
      once their class has finished
    • Punctuality is more important than ever to maintain an adequate flow of students through the centre, as
      we cannot have students waiting on campus
    • If you are late for pick up, your child/children will have to wait outside with a teacher, which means we
      will have one less teacher in the classroom
  2. ALL high school students are to wear a mask while in class
  3. All teachers will be wearing a mask while on campus
  4. Students must bring their own stationery to class (pencils, erasers, rulers, compasses, protractors etc.)
  5. If you or your child/children are unwell in any way, please stay at home
  6. If you are well, but have been in contact with anyone that has travelled overseas or has been confirmed with COVID-19, please stay at home
  7. We will be taking students’ forehead temperatures as they enter the campus –
    • If there is any indication of a raised temperature, the student will be asked to return home
  8. Students must sanitise their hands upon entering the campus, sanitiser will be provided
  9. Staff must sanitise their hands at the end of every study session (every hour)
  10. Staff will wipe down study stations at the end of every study session (every hour)
  11. Food and drinks are only to be consumed at the student’s individual study station.
    • Under any circumstances, there is to be no sharing of food or drinks on campus

I thank you in advance for your understanding in helping to ensure that we adhere to these strict capacity and health measures. With your cooperation, I know we can get back into class and progress our learning together.

I look forward to seeing you all back on campus again.

Kind regards,
Dr Olga.

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