COVID-19 update

covid update

Dear valued students & parents,

The latest news from the Premier of Victoria (Daniel Andrews) informs that school holidays in Victoria are to start from Tuesday the 24th of March. Therefore, we are prepared to proceed with home based holiday programs, similar to those provided over Christmas holidays.

The campus will be closed from the 24th of March, until the end of Term 1 school holidays.

Tomorrow, Monday 23rd of March will be dedicated to collection and dissemination of holiday programs ONLY. So no traditional lessons will take place. We invite families to come to the campus between 3-7pm to collect their programs.

This is an opportunity for us to actively participate in flattening the curve of the Coronavirus. Also, students can take this time to be more productive than ever. Continuity of learning and study routine is very important during these volatile times – providing students with a sense of normalcy and control.

Online and phone support will be provided to all students requiring guidance, feedback and/or other assistance.

Let’s support one another during these trying times.

Please do not hesitate to contact me with any specific queries or concerns.

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