A guide to our English Plus program

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The English language is complex and multifaceted, and many students struggle with this subject during their schooling years.

At Dr Study, we’ve designed our comprehensive English Plus tutoring program to ensure students don’t miss a step in their studies.

Read on to discover whether English Plus might be right for you.

About English Plus

English Plus is one of our most popular programs. Our students learn everything they need to master the English language, for both general and academic purposes.

Our students additionally gain a solid grasp of English through our teachings on other subjects, including history, geography, science, and social studies. This helps to develop their technical English skills in the wider context of learning and education.

What the program covers

Writing, speaking, listening, and reading are all major components of our English Plus program.

Guided by our tutors, students progress through a series of pre-set modules which include foundational worksheets, exercises, quizzes, tests, and more.

Our learning materials are highly engaging, adaptable, and intentionally varied. They are designed to help students to demonstrate their understanding through various formats to strengthen their knowledge and confidence.

While the program structure is pre-set, we adjust content based on our students’ unique needs and aims, creating tailored goals and progress plans to ensure our students are set up for success.

How the program works

Our English Plus program mirrors school-based reading curriculums, so our students receive guidance and support for school-based assessments. Our tutors also provide assignment assistance and work closely with students to edit their own writing, so that they are consistently learning to improve the quality of their work.

We conduct weekly tutoring sessions which run for a minimum of 60 minutes, using mixed method teaching approaches to keep students actively engaged and productive throughout. The teacher-to-student ratio in all of our classes is 1:4, which importantly ensures that each student receives the dedicated support and attention they need.

While we have developed our English Plus program in line with the Australian school curriculum, our students are assessed at international standards, enabling them to truly excel and thrive in their studies.

Our ultimate goal is to prepare our English Plus students for success in their VCE English studies.

Effective English tutoring services

Our team of friendly and experienced tutors support students of all ages and abilities with their English studies. If you’re considering whether English Plus could be the right tutoring program for your children, or if you’re interested in our other English tutoring services, feel free to send us a message on our website or call our office on (03) 9590 6000.

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